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$1400 Stimulus Challenge



Catch the Dip always does what's best for members. On March 6th, 2021, we launched a Catch the Dip $1,400 Stimulus Check Challenge. The point behind this was to motivate our members that it's possible to make it in the stock market even with the smallest of accounts. The biggest hurdles for small accounts are the lack of motivation and the inability to day trade.


With our unique day trading and swing trading strategies, we were able to transform a $1,400 account into almost $3,000 in only 6 trading days. We post these trades LIVE daily in our community. The first major milestone for this challenge is the $10,000 mark. Check back here often to see where we're up to or start your free trial and put your stimulus check to work!


This isn't the first time Catch the Dip has hosted a small account challenge. In Q4 of 2020, we did a $1500 account challenge and in just 6 trading days, we achieved our target of $4500. Rest assured this won't be the last time we do a challenge. But while you're here, don't miss out.

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Stimulus Challenge Questions

Do you post your challenge trades LIVE?


Yes, all trades are posted in real time.

How accurate have your challenge trades been?


So far, 96% accuracy with an average gain of +25% and the highest gainer being +550%.

Those are huge numbers. Do you have a guide on how to make the most from this challenge?


We offer and remind our members of our stimulus challenge strategy on a daily basis. It's our main focus to attempt to grow this challenge account to $10,000 and then $25,000. As every good trader will tell you, don't be greedy especially while day trading. Look at the bigger picture?

How do you get away from PDT (patterned day trader)?


There is no such thing as breaking any laws or getting away.

You have two choices.

1) Use a cash account.
2) Day trade 3x a week and overnight positions everyday.

It all comes down to preference.

Why aren't you at $10,000 already?


+110% in 6 trading days is already phenomenal; however, we are testing 10 different strategies and once we find the best one for this challenge, we will share it with everyone and hit our first goal.

Have any members made money from this?


Most active members have made money from this challenge. Many members started new accounts just to participate in the challenge. There are members who have been trading with only $1,000 and have been consistently making more than they make at their own day job. We've had members who have doubled their small accounts and others who have made serious progress on their large accounts because of this challenge.

Why did you choose $1,400 to start with?


The most recent COVID relief stimulus check by the U.S. Treasury was/ is expected to be $1,400.

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